President Elect Rick Fogg, finds adventure, while working in Boston.

Four Months ago, our clubs service director began working with the homeless and recovering clients, while working at the Boston Rescue Mission. “Who would ever think, I would be driving and walking in the streets of Boston.” Currently working as a caseworker and Operations manager every day is a new day!

I enjoy my new friendships, I have built with the staff and clients. It is very humbling and rewarding to help men, figure out how to pick themselves up again, and make a new start. Last Friday, Rick organized a Talent Show to feature the programs talent and compassion. There was singing, animal tricks, and prizes .

The funniest act of the night was a local Alton resident, Mike Way taking it on the chin for the team!  A 7 year old client’s daughter gave 2 direct hits, from 2 feet away insuring Mike got his just deserts. “ The Pie Toss”. Was a fund raiser event to raise funds to support the Boston Rescue Mission, President Kohn Samaan in his Race for Haiti Relief, in Boston.
The Shelter is gearing up for their busy winter months. There are Volunteer and Employment opportunities, for an application, please call Rick Fogg at 603-273-7229.