The Hampstead family began its mission back in 1983. Hampstead Stage Company got its name from our founders: Daniel Matmor, Michael Phillips, and Katherine and Gordon Preston, who came to America from Hampstead, England to pursue their dreams. Since its inception, our company has grown into one of the largest educational touring companies in the nation. Performing over two thousand shows a year in all 48 contiguous states; we have played for about twenty-one million audience members.

Our interactive educational tours run year-round and are performed by two professional actors, each playing multiple roles. Our scripts are original adaptations, based directly on literary classics, and include children and adults from the audience. The plays last one hour, with a question and answer session following the performance. We travel to your space and bring our own realistic sets and costumes, designed using extensive historical research, which are flexible enough to fit into any assembly/performance space. 
We're excited to have Jay Pastucha from the Hampstead Stage Company as our speaker on Monday night! So make the time to come to the Alton Centennial Rotary Club - Alton, Barnstead, and New Durham monthly night meeting at JJ Goodwins on October 16 at 6PM to learn about what the Hampstead Stage company is up to and your local Rotary Club as well.
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