Posted by Duane Hammond on Jan 30, 2018
 Judy Furness is a retired nurse, lawyer, foster parent, and a nursing home activities director. Her
childhood was spent in an orphanage, foster home, and boarding schools.
Now her fulltime efforts are dedicated to reminding people of the need for
organ donations and recruiting people to sign-up to become a donor.  She
needs a donor with type ‘O’ blood either positive, or negative, and for the
past 3 ½ years been on dialysis 3 times a week. “It’s like a roller coaster ride”
she said, “ sometimes I feel ok, other times not so  good, my only hope now
is a transplant”. President of the Alton Centennial Rotary, Richard Leonard (L),
and Rotary Program Director, Duane Hammond, thanked her for her talk.
Photo - Credit Matthew Fassett